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With SW2017 SP2 we are seeing frequent corrupt files in assemblies

Question asked by Jim Steinmeyer on Mar 1, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2017 by Paul Risley

This morning one of the guys asked me a couple of questions about Pack-And-Go and following the questions I found he is having "Can't save because of a corrupt file" issues with his assembly. I was seeing this yesterday and in talking in the office we learned that the other engineer here is seeing the same thing. I searched the forum but did not get any recent hits for corrupt files so I thought I would ask so I could add to someone Else's SPR if there is one open. This did not start happening until we "Upgraded" to SP2 last week. We currently are only seeing this with assemblies.


     The issue is that when creating an assembly we are suddenly consistently unable to save the assembly due to a "Corrupt File" error. One of the engineers stated that if he "just kept trying" it would eventually save the file. That has not worked for the other two of us. Yesterday I learned that if I saved the assembly after every new feature (cut or part added and placed) I had no problem. But let me forget and add and mate 2 or 3 new parts, even if they are the same part and I will get the corrupt file every time. I am making an auger that consists of 1) a base tube, 2) several sections of flighting and 3) several flighting stiffeners a total of 3 distinct parts. And yet with all of those items in the assembly I get a corrupt file for adding another one and mating it in the same manner as the previous one.


If someone has been having this issue and started a SPR please let me know. In the mean time I will start a  SW RX and send it off to FunTech to get it started.