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Negative dimensions getting reset in configurations

Question asked by Ryan Olson on Dec 3, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2008 by Ryan Olson
So we were really excited that 2009 allows negative sketch dimensions, since theoretically that should allow us to mirror sketch profiles in a part using configurations.

When we tried this, however, we discovered that a negative configured dimension resets to positive when the part's configuration is changed. Basically we have a simple sketch in which one key dimension is positive to indicate left of the centerline, and negative to indicate right of the centerline. The dimension value is supposed to switch from positive to negative through configurations. However, when we input a negative dimension for one config, switch to the other config to see the change, and then switch back to the first config, the negative value has been reset to positive. We've tried this both using the "configure dimension" window as well as with an Excel-based Design Table, with the same results. This is on 2009 SP01 32-bit.

Anyone have experience with this? We thought this was the main motivation for allowing negative dimensions. I sure hope this is a bug and not a design limitation!


- rdo