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Saving Macro

Question asked by Daniel Fielder on Feb 28, 2017

Hi everyone,


I'm currently on with a progression Die design for G clamps. Previously the company did everything in 2D Autocad but now I am looking to try and make it more autonomous using Solidworks.

So far I have got to the stage where the whole Die Set (near to 300 bodies) has been created in 1 single part and I have been able to  create formulas and custom properties which will adjust the whole die set to suit each product that comes our way by just changing 12 dimensions. Following on from this I should be able to create a generic drawing from each isolated body and hopefully everything has been done correctly so every time the model changes there will be no errors on the drawing.


What I want to look at now is to include a macro which will:-

1-If possible update the drawing linked to the model

2-Read the "Tool Number" in custom properties

3-Create a folder in a specified place

4- Name that folder using the "Tool Number"

5- Save the model and the drawing in that folder using the "Tool Number", with "model" and "drawing" after it.

6- Also save the drawing as a DXF (every sheet) (it would be great if you could put all drawing sheets onto 1 page like in Autocad, but I don't think SW has that function or the select box to print function)


Any help will be much appreciated as I haven't done any Macro before and it will be a learning curve.