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import image sequence to decal

Question asked by Chris Bowman on Feb 28, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2017 by Scott Ellery

Guys I need to show a number sequence on a display.

This sequence must change over time.

So for a 10 second animation it must read

000 f  on power up.

flash on off.

Then count up to 300 f.

This will need to happen with camera movement.


I really thought that I would be able to keyframe the visibility on and off and I

would just show and hide stacked decals to simulate the display changes.

However I am sad to find that I cannot keyframe the hide checkbox on a decal.


With other programs I would be able to import an image sequence with alpha to a texture file.

attach that texture file to an appearance node, then keyframe the time slider for the image sequence to the number I need.

select batch render and render the animation.

Or I could just toggle the visibility on and off with keyframes.


The only way I have been able to get this to work with Visualize 2017 pro is to set up my camera and model animations.

Then bring in 10 decals. stack them all on top of each other. Hide them all except the first decal.

Manually render frame by frame and when I get to the frame where I need the number to change I click Hide on the top decal and

uncheck hide on the underneath decal.


Is there a way that I can keyframe decals or textures?

I know I could build the text in Solidworks or any modelling package and then that would import as a part and I would have the transparency

keyframe available but I'm trying to avoid any new geometry.


Am I stuck not moving the camera and doing this in post?


Any insight would be much appreciated.