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Ho wdo I create a BOM using the filenames fo reach part instead of part numbers

Question asked by Dmitry Ponomarev on Feb 27, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2017 by Jim Steinmeyer

The feature of solidworks to label all the parts using the part number instead of the filename seems to have received a lot of complains.

I have an issue where I have a large assembly and a lot of my parts are made from the same basic part, that originally had a part number

(think aluminum extrusions of different length)


Now, all I need is to export a BOM, but every time I try to export it, it makes it so that each item in BOM uses the Part number defined for that part, instead of the filename.

All my filenames for different lengths of aluminum contain the length, so all I really need is to export a table with each filename as a row, and the number of times that filename repeats in the assembly as the column,


But solidworks 2015 wont let me do that,


Is there a way I can do it without changing the part number in each individual file???


If not can someone give me some instructions on how to do this quickly