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How to empower new features of property builder 2016?

Question asked by Ben D. on Feb 27, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2017 by Ben D.

So, with 2016 version custom property tab builder got renewed. One of the news is list group. I can not figure out the following:

1. I want to have several groupboxes, simply put:

TOP: Radio buttons

MIDDLE: One of two "List groups" , depending on which radiobutton is selected on top

BOTTOM: Just another Groupbox with a Textbox / Listbox

The problem: I sort it as described in tab builder, but despite of that I get the "List group" at bottom in Solidworks window (MIDDLE is inversed with BOTTOM, and Listgroup gets at the lowest position). I can't find a cause or solution. Do you experience this also? Screenshot attached:


I read in this forum that some issues of tab builder innovations from 2016 version will be fixed in 2017 SP2. If you have already upgraded, may I ask you to test this dummy CP file, if this also gets inverted? I am still on 2016, CP template is attached.


Problem2: in TOP GROUPBOX I want to select "SOURCE FOR PART". Radio buttons would be:

  • Sheet metal
  • Pipe

Depending on the selected radio button, I want to have different groupboxes. But they both must contain the selector for the same property, called "Source". For sheet metal part, that would be:

Sheet 1 mm

Sheet 2 mm

Sheet 3 mm

And for the pipe, that would be:

Pipe D20

Pipe D30

Pipe D40


The problem: when I try to use the same name for the CP "Source", I get an error that this name has already been used. Practically, each groupbox is assigned to the selection of radiobutton, so it should just use the chosen groupbox and assign the "Source" from it (it should use the selection from "sheet metal" groupbox or "pipe" groupbox. But instead, it gives an error). Any ideas how to solve it? Maybe 2017 SP2 allows it already? Would you please check?