William Gervais

"Save as Copy" is your friend

Discussion created by William Gervais on Dec 3, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2008 by Chris Serran
In my vault I have a project for "Templates". These are master parts and master drawings of what we use all the time. The theory is that we can open these Templates, save as a different part number, do a bit of replacing in SW Explorer and be finished quicker than modeling and detailing from scratch. For the most part it works well.
If the user doesn't use "Save as copy" instead of "save as", there will forever be a reference of the new part number attached to the template. This makes a mess of the Template project and a real mess when I want to Open/Check out a document. What I end up with is the template drawing and its associated part (which I want), and ALL of the references that have been made from the template (which I don't want).

Just thinking out-loud here, maybe if I log in as ADMIN and take ownership of these Templates they won't be available to accept references...