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    Import file. Editing before FeatureWorks. ?

    Ivan Kharpalev


      Is it possible to do DirectEditing on imported and model before recognition (before FeatureWorks)?



      I am trying to import .STP model into SolidWorks.

      But  Import Diagnostic filed to fix all issues.

      I deleted some surfaces, now imported model looks much easier, but is it possible to run FeatureWorksnow? or what we need to run it?


      full scenario:
      I open a model of Basler camera http://www.baslerweb.com/en/products/cameras/area-scan-cameras/ace/aca2500-14gc (Basler ace USB3 C-Mount v02.STP)
      direct link on GoogleDrive https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1UPt0nGo86wenB0TF9PczkwWDg/view?usp=sharing


      I deleted surfaces I need not.

      How to run FeatureWorks recognition now?

      try direct editing.png



      May be we need to export part out and import again?

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          Deepak Gupta

          Ivan, You can right click on the imported features in the tree and select FeatureWorks.



          But why you need to create features? Can't you use the model as it is?

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              Ivan Kharpalev

              Deepak Gupta, actually I can not!
              File was imported with errors and ImportDiagnostic fails to fix it.



              When I do "right click on the imported features in the tree and select FeatureWorks" I get


              And Thank you!! It is really possible to deal with part without recognition at all! and for my particular purpose it is enough, thank you!



              The question is can run FeatureWorks after we fix geometry problems some how?

              I did some modifications in imported model via tree items delete, and now I see no FeatureWorks in right click menu on any tree item(

              What modifications can be done on pre FeatureWorks stage? only those that ImportDiagnostic dialog provides?


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                Ivan Kharpalev

                and dealing with imported mode as it is does not work well.
                some operations fail. I've added a body to this part and now I'm trying to combine newly created body with imported,... and it fails(
                imported body is need to be fixed.




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                    Paul Salvador

                    Ivan.. here,.. it was from Iventor v11 and it seems like there are some rounding errors so.. one way to relax this is to export as a IGES. and reimport.. there is still more work but it gets you something.. .although, a few cylinder faces do split.. and I just cut out the qr code and exported as a parasolid what was visible...


                    ....(updated file with cleaner brep import... see below response for why/corrections... )

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                        Ivan Kharpalev

                        wow how did you figured out where this file came from?
                        you mean: open this .stp in SolidWorks and than export as a IGES? very interesting! I will try.
                        Thank you so much!

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                            Paul Salvador

                            Ivan,... if you open the step in a text editor, the few lines give some clues.. the program used on the translation and clues on the file itself ..


                            BUT.. I have to apoligize.. last night I did not open this properly in 2016.. and I assumed (since it was from Inventor).. that,. my settings were correct.. well, they were NOT.. I had them set for surface import (which you could use if you want but another subject)..  Anyhow. I did not change my settings for a brep/solid and further auto fix (see attached settings)


                            ..this imports the body the best.. with one problem.. the QR Code still has problems.. which is a easy fix, cut/extrude and now you have a clean model.  From there, you can export as a Parasolid and reimport if you want to run FeatureWorks for trying to rebuild.. (it does not always work very well. imho.)

                            ..going back to your question about turning off FeatureWorks... you can do that in your Add-On list..  and/also, if you look at the settings..you can turn off the Automatic repairs..


                            As is, it imports actually pretty good. (-qr code issue).   (I replaced the file above with the cleaner version)

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                              Paul Salvador

                              ..oh, the IGES export/import trick.. it is a workaround I've found which seems to help with the (re) import and auto repair.. if you are seeing minor errors or you are having difficulting with cutting or knitting.. it is worth trying, imho.

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                        Rick McDonald


                        Have you tried to run the import diagnostics more than one time?

                        I Often have seen errors on import and each time I run the diagnostics it usually does better.

                        Sometimes I will get an error on the first or second time and then it will fix everything.

                        Sometimes it won't - but most times the main features are fixed and I can edit out the rest.


                        But if this doesn't work I also like Paul's answer.