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Weldment profiles added from content library not displaying

Question asked by Michael Paul on Feb 24, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2017 by Richie More

Hopefully this is a simple question.


I started messing around with some weldments just for fun.  as a default, there were only a handful of square tube profiles listed so I googled how to add more from the content library.  I successfully downloaded the zip file of all aluminum square tube profiles from the content library.  I copied those profiles into the weldment file location that was listed in my options screen.


when I create a weldment, I see a list of every new profile standard that was copied.  I select one.  then, in the type pull down, the entire list is blank.  same for the size.  so, although I can see a list of what sections I have, I can't actually see any of the available sections for use.


since the new standards appear to be showing up correctly, SW is at least finding them. but I can't actually use any of them.