Dan Pihlaja

I have found something interesting regarding Configuration Publisher

Discussion created by Dan Pihlaja on Feb 24, 2017

I have created a file with a design table and applied configuration publisher to it.

So that when I add it to an assembly, the publisher appears, as pictured below:


When I copy and paste that component into the assembly, the configuration publisher appears as well.


If I want to change the configuration of the component, I can simply select the component and then select "Configure Part/Assembly"

And then it just brings back up the configuration publisher.




If I have added a different component and then REPLACE that component with my configured component, then configuration publisher does NOT come up and is not even available.

This is true whether or not the original component had configuration publisher applied or not.

See example below:


This is NOT the same as the SPR's listed here:

Configuration publisher of already inserted parts



Just wanted to point this out.  I am using SW 2015 SP5.  Is this also true in later versions?