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Transition Action to assign Watermark variable text not working

Question asked by Brett Cochran on Feb 24, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2017 by Brett Cochran

FYI, I'm using PDM Standard 2017.


In my work flow, I have a branch that transitions a file state from "WIP" to "For quote only".  In the "for quote only" state, the file can not be checked out by anyone and I have successfully applied an action to bump the numeric portion of my rev number.  This way, our vendor reviewing the drawing or model can see a unique Revision when the file is in this state.


The issue I am having is getting a Watermark variable assigned and then to show up in the drawing or data card.  This is supposed to happen during the "Send out for quote" transition highlighted above.  I have setup a variable called Watermark. When is undergoes the "Send out for quote" transition, I have an action to Set Variable so that that Watermark equals "FOR QUOTE ONLY.  DO NOT MANUFACTURE".  I want the text of the Watermark variable to then appear in the background of my drawing. I set up my drawing sheet format with a text note that should pull in the text assigned to Watermark.  However, the text neither shows up on my drawing nor does it show up on my drawing data card.


I'm having the same issue with assigning a variable called Drawing Date in the same manner.  Except Drawing Date variable value is assigned the date the transition was initiated.  Anyone else have issues with getting transition actions to assign variable values?