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Visualize - GPU CUDA core count

Question asked by Ben Zuckerman on Feb 23, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2017 by Taloot Abdullah

Hi There, We're looking at upgrading our GPU's from two GTX 780 Ti to two GTX 1080's or 1070's.  From what I've read and pass experience from Bunkspeed days CUDA cores are one area you want to maximize for your $$. As expected when doing a comparison the 1080/1070 will give us a significant jump in memory and speed but was surprised they have less CUDA's than our 780's, Confusing! Anyway assuming we'll still get a significant increase in rending speed if we upgrade to the 1080's can anyone give us an idea (approx) by how much. Also would you have an idea in rendering speed difference between the 1080 & 1070.

Note sure if this would affect the response but we render anything from small sized consumer products to larger industrial equipment.

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BTW wouldn't it be awesome from a users perspective if there was some sort of visualize calculator (like an online percentage calculator)  that you could input your GPU specs (or even better model no.) and maybe a typical render you do and it can give you an idea of speed/time differences?