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Why am i getting "The Syntax of this equation is incorrect"?

Question asked by Gobind Jaiswal on Feb 24, 2017

I am using solid work 2012 premium *64


I am practising some gear design using equations. For that i tried creating and assigning some global variable in equation interface.

Fo example i tried to create a global variable for module of gear as "m" and assign the value 5 to it. But i am getting syntax error message.

{ Snapshot is in attached image Prob 1}


I even tried the in-built functions like sin(30) in value/equation column but still i am getting the same error

{The snapshot is in image prob 2}



I also tried using measure option available in Value/Equation column in equation interface and measured the dimension of rectangle in sketch and value appeared as "RD1@Annotations".

{Snapshot is in attached image prob3}


Is it any setting error that i need to make or something Else




Plz help me out of it