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were placed features always deleted as dependent items?

Question asked by N. Ritchey on Feb 23, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2017 by LIN SHAODUN

just a curiosity, something i've noticed since using SW2017.


when deleting a feature, it's obvious that you are going to be deleting dependent features. for instance, a boss with a cut on it. if you delete the boss, the cut is going, too.


what i'm seeing a lot of now is let's say i delete a boss, and that boss is mirrored. but the mirror feature contains several features. if i delete the boss, it deletes the mirror, too.


did this always happen? i seem to remember that if you deleted a feature that was part of a mirror, it would simply remove that reference from the mirror and keep the mirror feature (minus the deleted). another example would be fillets. Fillet1 is applied to 20 edges. 5 of these edges are on Boss-Extrude1. if i delete Boss-Extrude1, it deletes Fillet1, and all of the fillets on non-affected edges.


obviously the system in my memory is way better. now i have to go back and un-select dozens of edges in eight fillet features (injection molded plastic...ugh) before i can delete this boss, otherwise deleting the boss will delete dozens and dozens of non-affected edges.


or am i just crazy and imagining things?