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EPDM Search Card: searching in one variable that contain multiple custom property

Question asked by Federico Boldori on Feb 24, 2017

Hello, i need some help setting up a search card.

We have this situation: in each parts or assembly we have five custom property that contain text to help categorize files. Why 5? we have a custom plugin from our reseller that help us to add serial numbers prefix on epdm object based on the category and it's tree could have 5 child maximum.




          |---- Category2

                         |---- Category3




I would like to search via data card for all the files that contain, for example Category2.1 values.

What i've done: i've started modifying the default search card.

I've added a drop down menu that take values from the category list. I've then created a variable in epdm that contain all the 5 customproperty.

But it doesnt work, any search doesn't provide any result.

If instead i map the value to a variable that contain only one of the 5 customproperty the search works correctly.

Obviusly the 5 variables are in each part and assembly datacard.


Any hint?