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    On Demand .STL creation

    Julian Gerau

      Hi everybody,


      my Name ist Julian and I work as a Product Manager for MYKITA a Berlin based eyewear company. Currently we are building a new product called My Very Own – and our parametric modeling is done in Solidworks and we are very happy with the performance of out models. What we are now looking for is backend pipeline (no GUI) that will give us the following:


      – access multiple assemblies

      – ability to change parameters as numerical values within the assembly and apply to the geometry

      – export to STL


      –> We know that this can be achieved through the Solidworks API but want to know if there is a simpler solution, possibly though eDrawings and the web viewer plug-in.


      Any feedback is greatly appreciated ! 

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          Jeff Holliday

          I'm not sure if it is what you are looking for but you might want to look at DriveWorks or Tacton.

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              Julian Gerau

              Hi Jeff,


              thanks for your reply. We have looked at both (obviously ; ) – and they do serve that purpose but with tons of extra features we do not need. Most specifically GUI features and as well as extra time needed to onboard/prepare the models. It worth mentioning that we have not crossed them off our list but we are looking for a leaner solution – if such a things exists.

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              Ryan Sullivan

              You could use design tables to drive the model dimensions from a saved excel file.  This would not solve the .stl creation or multi assembly access (not sure what you mean by this).

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                Felix T.

                Take a look at CrossCad/Ware: It's an API that can read SOLIDWORKS files, read specific information and parameters in the file, and export to STL or other formats.

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                    Julian Gerau

                    Hi Felix, thanks for your suggestions we'll include Cross CAD in our evaluation.


                    @Ryan: We know about the design tables so I'll try to be a bit more specific:


                    We are looking for an engine that will read Solidworks, while keeping adjustable Parameters we have inside our assemblies accessible and export on the fly. This engine should not rely on a full Solidworks Machine (and license) but rather be a software component (think SDK) that we can integrate into another piece of software.


                    In theory eDrawing reads Solidworks and exports to STL, but as far as I know changing parameters is not possible. Is there any eDrawing pro on the Board ?