Jon Kettler

Missing Data on drawings

Discussion created by Jon Kettler on Dec 2, 2008
We have an in house application that uses the PDM Works API to get a file from the database and then we use eDrawings2008 to print the drawing. The problem we are noticing is that we will run the application once, and the drawing will print out with just arrows and lines, but no dimensions or title bar, etc. We can try it again and the same thing will happen. Then, if we continue with the same drawing, it will eventually print out as a complete drawing without any problems.

I am at a loss as to why it is doing that. It started a couple weeks ago after we moved from SmarTeam to PDMWorks and from eDrawings 2006 to 2008.

I am not convinced it is an eDrawings issue, but I think it could be a good place to start. Thanks,