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      I need to have a part in my assembly be made out of expanded metal and some how have the part show up in my drawing looking like expanded metal. Does anyone have any good ideas on how to go about this
          Joseph  Roy
          Hopefully the following link works, otherwise search the forum for expanded metal, it has been covered in depth.


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              I guess I should redefine my question. How do I do this in 2009. I don't know what happened in textures in 2009. Also how would I get this to work in my drawings. I thought textures did not come across in drawings. If I am wrong on this please feel free to bash me. Thanks in advanced
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                  Alan Stoldt

                  Let me ask you this: Why do you need it to look like Expanded Metal? For a drawing a shape (square, rectangle or whatever you need) outline with dimensions should be sufficent. In the Detail Callout you would specify the material.

                  Let's assume that you really want to model this up and be super accurate.

                  Tell me how many vertices you would end up with a diamond size of 1" x 3/4" in a 24" Sq. sheet.

                  That is a lot of number crunching for something that in most cases is not that critical.

                  The attached picture is a 6" x 6" piece and shows at 1085 KB as a part file (before apply scenes). It dogs my machine down a lot.

                  I am running SW 08 SP 4 on a decent machine with the file saved locally.

                  If you are doing a presentation and they (the customer) are requiring stuff like this, I suppose as long as it is getting paid for, who cares?

                  Just some thoughts.
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                      Basicly what I realy need is just something representative of expanded metal in my drawing. Attached is a picture of what we used to do in Acad. I am looking to do something similar to this in the drawing. I realy don't care how the part looks in the part or assembly file as long as I can get something to look like expanded metal in the drawing. It does not even have to be that detailed.
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                  Dale Dunn
                  You should be able to fill that in with a hatch pattern ("area hatch / fill"). Did you do it that way in ACAD too?