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number of instances in hole callouts

Question asked by Tim Taby on Feb 23, 2017

So I installed 2017 SP2 last week.  I am in the process of detailing my first drawing in the new version.  In past versions the number of hole instances in a holes call out on a sketch driven pattern never showed, so I was used to that.  So I would manually type in (number)X for the instances at the front of the call out and be one my way.  So now in 2017 the warning box "Manually altering a portion of the callout text may break that portion's link with the model" comes up like it always did before, but you used to be able to hit yes for I want to continue and add what ever you wanted, but now it keeps showing up after every letter/number you type, where before you only got it once a Solidworks session.  Anybody else notice this issue?