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    Nice Lighting Video for Visualize

    Mark Segasby

      SolidWorks Visualize reseller CADimensions, Inc have produced this really great video all about lighting - including a great introduction to using HDR Light Studio with Visualize. It's worth watching the whole video if you want to improve your lighting skills.



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          Brian Hillner

          Thanks for posting this link, Mark!


          Amazing video about an amazing marriage: HDR Light Studio + Visualize.

          That's the exclusive workflow I use to create all my Visualize content.


          Lightmap - HDR Light Studio

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            Rob Rodríguez

            This is an exceptional video.


            Question for you Mark.  I'm an HDRLS customer.  It's a great product.  I haven't used it with Visualize but do use it often with Modo.  After watching this video I see Visualize and Modo share a common issue I have with HDRLS.  The HDRLS UI takes up a very large portion of the screen (it's even mentioned in the video by the video creator). I know you can resize the UI and make adjustments to it but for it to be usable it still requires a large portion of the screen.  The rendering app and HDRLS sharing the screen realestate just doesn't work that well. Is there a reason LightMap doesn't extend their SDK/API to allow for HDRLS integration into the existing UI of software?



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                Mark Segasby

                Thanks for being a customer Rob. We have some things in the pipeline that will help on that front, but they won't be out for a while.

                But for now you really can cut down the interface a lot of drag parts off it too. I'll put together a few screen grabs of layouts that work for me.

                Of course the best option is having 2 displays, it works great then. But this isn't always possible I know.

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                Rick McDonald

                Wish I could use Visualize but I am stuck on 2015.

                Maybe someday I will be lucky enough for my company to upgrade 

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                    Scott Ellery

                    Hi Rick ,


                    do you have SOLIDWORKS Professional or Premium on Subscription?


                    if so you do not need to upgrade to be able to use visualize, it is a stand alone program and if you meet the criteria above you are already entitled to Visualize Standard at no extra Cost!

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                        Rick McDonald


                        We have 2015 pro on 2 of our seats (standard on the other 4).

                        Unfortunately, we are no longer on subscription (wish we were but budget won't allow - especially since we have been off sub. for a couple years and with the new subscription policy it will probably be 2020 before we will even be able to consider it again).

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                            Christian Chu

                            Too bad for an active member like you, Rick. With 2 releases behind, It'd limit your contribution to the Forum

                            SW should change policy for easy upgrade

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                                Rick McDonald

                                More and more questions / answers are specific to 2016 & 2017 that I can only read about - but can not give any suggestions to because I am not able to. 

                                I still read them so I will better understand and try to keep up with the new features, but there are many things that I just don't understand because I have not used them.

                                I upgraded my home computer so that it will be capable of running the new versions for several years but those capabilities don't get used very effectively.

                                I'm still hoping that someday I will get to upgrade but it doesn't look good here.

                                Times are tough and the directive cam down last year for no new software.

                                I don't even get to use some 2015 stuff because we are still using Office 2003 and the design tables and other features that use Excel won't work on 2003 Excel - so none of our designs use those features.

                                I go to SWW and see all the new features and know I can't use them.

                                I even don't go to some classes that I would have, because I don't have the ability to use the features.

                                We have one seat that we had put on subscription, just before the policy change, because we had a new user that we needed to get that seat upgraded to 2015 for (to match the rest of us) - so from that seat I could use the home license on my home system at night, when it's not being used at work, and that one I could load 2016 - but it is only a Standard seat and my seat is Pro.

                                So I would loose the pro features if I install that one - and I can't share the files I would generate there with my work systems.

                                It's so restricting and frustrating.

                                I may do that on my home system someday just to be able to learn and use the new features, but I can't use them at work.

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                          S. Casale

                          CADimensions has won the best customer service award (NA) from SW for a few years now. They are my VAR, and I have to tell you, the are awesome.