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Why doesn't configuration and display state work?

Question asked by Reno Simpson on Feb 22, 2017
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I have spent many many hours trying to get it to work.   Single part with either multiple config's and attached display states or a single  config  and multiple display state.    Attach a appearance "clear glass" selecting [appearance filter]  change config and or display state add "frosted glass" selecting [appearance filter] to part works fine,   Click config/ properties/ use config specific color, change color.  Every thing ok.   Select display manager to adjust something, say transparency, click ok..  everything goes to crap!! all configs/ display states are now the same appearance all "frosted glass" and all lose color.


How am i supposed to do a presentation with different glass color type, wall covering and so on if config's/ display states dosnt work!

pretty sure it worked on SW2014