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4K monitor issues.........

Question asked by Roy Potter on Feb 22, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2020 by Frederick Law

How do you get Dassault to address the 4k UI issues?


There are a few posts about issues with the scaling and it seems that they won't be fixed until 2017 SPxx.

It all seems fascial when the reason given for UI re-hash was to cater for 4k monitors.

Posts have been put about to try and solve the issues but most fall short. The problem with the UI is that it is inconsistent. Some icons show at a reasonable size while others don't. In these cases altering the scale factor will not solve the issue. The very small sketch icons would need a large upscale making everything else too big.

Some other issues lay with the rulers in drawings being too small and altering sketch dimensions (without the feature box) produces minute numbers. The task pane is also inconsistent with the UI.

As Draftsight comes up with a mashed UI I tried the prefermanifest option, this worked great on Draftsight but SW2016 would not fill the monitor screen, so I reverted back. Changing the resolution to a lower one really defeats the object of having a UHD monitor and flies in the face of the UI change.

Surely with all the money we spend we are entitled to a critical fix for supported SW versions instead of waiting for 2017 SPxx to come out!


After all we were sold the UI changes on the basis of 4K monitor support.