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Solidworks 2016 throttling STL resolution on solid/graphics body import?

Question asked by Luke Johnson on Feb 22, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2017 by Chris Dordoni


I have a copy of the Student edition of Solidworks 2016 SP2.

I'm having an issue with Solidworks automatically HEAVILY reducing the resolution on the import of polygonized mesh geometry, specifically STL files. I previously used the 2015 Student edition and had zero problems with this - if the file had too many triangles Solidworks would simply crash. This was much better than not giving me control over the resolution.


I used to import geometries with the 2015 edition and convert to solid body with STL's that had 30k - 40k faces. Now I'm getting garbage like this on identical files that worked fine with the 2015 version:


This STL file has exactly 30k faces, but you can see how heavily Solidworks reduced it. Is there an option somewhere that I'm missing? Am I screwed/do I need to find a way of getting my hands on a 2015 copy again?