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Toolbox Customization - Solidworks Crash

Question asked by Jared Hale on Feb 22, 2017

I am working on a part and needed to add a spur gear. For what I needed, the teeth and everything prebuilt into the Toolbox would do, but I needed to add a custom diameter. I went into options > Hole Wizard/ Toolbox > Configure and added what I needed. Now the problem is whenever I try and launch spur gear through the toolbox, my Solidworks crashes. I've added Toolbox customization before without error, but now it crashes.


The rest of my Toolbox works fine (atleast I tried making all 6 other gears with no error) and when I go back into the Configuration/Customization, I can't open the spur gear section without a crash either. I'm thinking the error is in my files somewhere. I'm thinking its C:/SOLIDWORKS Data/browser/Ansi Inch/power transmission/gears and here I have spur gear_ai. Because when I'm in the configuration before it crashes, it looks like this for the spur gear: which is different than it should. See image.


Customization Page.PNG


If anyone has any ideas, that would be great. Thanks.