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    Solidworks 2017 SP02 slow and buggy ?

    Peter De Vlieger

      Is it just me or is it indeed slower then previous releases and buggy. I use it mostly with the routing add-in and I'm running in one problem after the other.


      Including :

      - it hanging without it not being marked as none responsive in windows

      only showing a dialog box after I'm trying to force it closed which I still can't actually click because the system is still busy so in the end I just have to force quit out of it all together.

      - it flipping the position of routing items or better still putting it perpendicular to the route after a rebuild

      - automatically moving the toolbars to different locations and resetting the location of the command manager to the top instead of to the side which I prefer after a crash

      Acad hasn't done that kind of BS since 1998 but SW still can't manage to lock the toolbars down in 2017 !?

      - removing more then 1 mate at a time in routing = instant crash


      And no, I can't be bothered to make RX movies. SW has our money then can spend some to actual hire beta testers and troubleshooters. That or they can start by no longer charging us for doing their work.



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          Peter De Vlieger

          Anyone else has this ?


          Want to mark a dimension as driven or removing a driven mark ?


          Sometimes you see it

          sometimes you don't,

          unless you force rebuild half a dozen times


          Want to edit route? Same deal, sometimes you can and sometimes you can't because you simple don't get to option to.

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            Steve Crompton

            I feel your pain. This has been the worst I've known for a while. I'm on 2017 sp2 and am having issues relating to start up time which is beyond 3 minutes. Drawings reading the wrong boms, custom property templates not updating, mirroring  amongst others and just generally crashing at least a dozen times a day.


            I really hope sp3 fixes a lot of these fundamentally basic problems for those of us that are experiencing them.



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                Peter De Vlieger

                I have an ASM which has a 3Dsketch that is used to postioning a part.


                Normal behaviour, change the 3Dsketch and the part moves.

                Less then normal, after changing the 3Dsketch do a force rebuild to get the part to move.


                Don't be surprised though that the part doesn't move even after a force rebuilt. No it doesn't move until you edit the mates of the part that determine that it's hooked to the 3Dsketch. Only then does it wake up enough to jump to it's new location.

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                  S. Casale

                  Of what I have queried in the portal:

                  SW is addressing some of the routing problems in SP3... Perhaps this isn't a complete list... but we will never know because the SPR and ER programs are so difficult to work with.


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                  Daniel Hiscoke

                  I have been finding that SP2.0 is running slowly. Sketching is ever so slightly laggy, making model building feel like it's taking 10x longer than normal. Also, today, all selected lines are turning gold/yellow (the same colour as conflicted relations), which has thrown me.
                  I might try to reinstall.

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                      Richard Wagenaar

                      The same here, many undocumented features....

                      All kinds of slow UI interaction especially when sketching.

                      Using the latest Quadro and older drivers,  fastest computers,

                      tried different systems, videoboards etc.  The latest versions of Solidworks

                      need more mouseprecision and are less comfortable and fast to use.


                      But most important, a typical section drawing of us has 20% less rebuilding

                      time in SW2014 with the same settings.

                      So we give up, it just doesn't make sense anymore to use the latest "greatest".

                      I have wasted too much time doing beta.

                      We are doing some new projects with another Cad systems

                      which has a much better and faster sketcher.

                      I am not after some fancy features. I want the basic most used commands to

                      work fast, no delays, with few mouse milage and with few mouse precision.

                      My reseller tells me Solidworks is cleaning up the code to make it faster and better

                      but I still have to see that happen. My impression is that Dassault is spending

                      SW income on Catia developments or other non interesting modules like

                      Solidworks Mechanical Conceptual.

                      I wonder how many users bought Solidworks Mechanical Conceptual

                      and what their experience is. I think it is useless for Solidworks users as geometry

                      will be without history when transfered to or from Mechanical Conceptual.

                      And from what I saw their direct modeller is not that impressive compared to

                      other available options.

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                      S. Casale

                      We use the routing program a lot for electrical cables and have noticed that 2017 is very buggy. We haven't moved to SP2 for the very reason of all the corrupt file issues... We've experienced (with versions-after 2013) and heard for SP2 of on the forums here. We are experienced users and do not have time to play with our VAR every time the routing program goes silly.


                      The routing program is very unstable with 2017, period. We've experienced corruption, crashing, loss of days of work.

                      I'm very disappointed in how the routing program is so problematic from 2013 and how SW is seemingly not addressing it.

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                        Colin Anderson

                        H-iI from Aus

                        I'm having the same problems.

                        sw2017 sp2 , so slow , wont rotate the most basic parts . ( cube) . corrective advice from intercad caused p.c to become unstable and unrecoverable.

                        ( involved turning off a video card driver )

                        I have the system back up thanks to dell support, Need to go back to 2016 until this is sorted.

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                          Jaja Jojo

                          Recently i experience SW 2017 SP2 so slow even just a simple parts and the issue i found is that the Quadro driver was updated from 375 to 376. check if your driver was updated because 376 driver is a buggy one so roll back to 375

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                            Colin Anderson

                            Support just ran me through accessing the correct video card driver from SolidworksRx,


                            it seems to be working ok now .

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                              Sal Hernández

                              Solidworks 2017sp1 was less stable than 2016. Sp2 is a total disaster. Almost impossible to work in large assembly. I turned off open gl and it's lot better. Very disappointed!!!

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                                David Anderson

                                I have used (and loved) SolidWorks since 1998. However with 2017 it is becoming unusable. I am spending 1/4 - 1/2 my CAD time working around problems. These are not due to modeling choices or errors. For example, about 1/2 the time a part is inserted into an assembly an error message appears that says the Clipboard has failed. About 1/2 of those times the part is inserted anyway, the rest of the time Insert part needs to be re-selected. Or sometimes an edge cannot be selected if the model is shaded, but can be if its wireframe. Reload the part and the edge can now be selected when shaded. Mates are particularly a mess, especially when using sub-assemblies. Don't even try to use freely moving Width mates in a sub-assembly, they are guaranteed to stop working at some point. My favorite is when a not fully defined object moves in the opposite direction of your mouse. Add a part to an assembly and find that 1/2 the mates in parts will randomly fail, even though the part was not mated to any of them.


                                I've been using CAD since 1984 and have never seen anything like this. Even in Pro-E's worst days it was never this bad. Are others experiencing the same issues?