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thinking of Upgrading to SW2009

Question asked by James Glover on Dec 2, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2008 by Jim Zink
I have seen many posts questioning whether to upgrade to SW2009 and my advice would be to wait a while.
I has benefits and looks good at the launch seminars, but none of the gains out-weight the problems we have been facing.
Be very careful of your resellers clains that it has been fully tested and ensure that all your hardware is supported.
One thing they don't tell you is that lal systems on the network must be upgraded at the same time, including adding service packs. This means that you don't have the chance to test its suitability first.
And after that you can;t roll back to SW2008
I'm not saying that SW2009 is rubbish, but just suggesting you wait for a few service packs.
I have plenty of bugs that I am waiting to be fixed and there is no date of which Service Pacj they will be in.

Good luck