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      • 30. SW2009 is unstable and slower than SW2008
        Michael Cudnik

        One install was on the same drive but different folder. The other install was a wiped hard drive and clean install.

        Ironically, I had the FX3700 in all of my machines, and had nothing but problems. Had Dell replace them.....same issues. I had originally used the V7200 in my last machine, worked great. I had Dell replace the FX3700 with an equivalent on that workstation which was the V7600. And actually if you read some reviews, ATI is actually besting the Nvidia equivalents as of late. And dare I say, I kind of feel the V7600 does perform faster - apples to apples.

        You mention lightweight, we don't use it and have never used it. Too much of a pain when it comes to BOMs.

        We mostly work with assms 100-200 parts....structural steel and fasteners. No custom parts at all. Basic shapes.

        I guess what it comes down to is this....if the files were fine in 2008, why would there be a change for the worse in 2009?? I shouldn't need to change settings and all that garbage. I completely converted an assembly using the task manager, all configs included. Opening in 2009 took 5 times longer and then manipulating it was a joke thereafter.

        I really liked some of the things I saw in 2009 (printing for one....the CURRENT SHEET addition is the best feature) but it just seems that maybe more bugs need to be worked out.
        • 31. SW2009 is unstable and slower than SW2008
          Michael Cudnik

          I do all the IT here too. Nice huh?? I have been building and optimizing PC's for 15 years now.

          I do the same as you on non-solidworks workstations. IT dumps the POS computer to the user and I spend 2 hours configuring it properly.

          Obviously I configure the Solidworks stations with great care.

          Ironically, on the new builds (reformats), I load the machines with all the software before I even load an anti-virus program.
          • 32. SW2009 is unstable and slower than SW2008

            Thank you. I gave up on the VAR side of things... well at least that VAR.

            Yes, all things are random but some can be helped if people read any of these sites. I typically would go around to local user groups and do a presentation on this matter because it's problems we all face... plus I liked to reduce the number of people calling in mad for tech support :-) lol

            Thank you for your nice words though.
            • 33. SW2009 is unstable and slower than SW2008

              Michael Cudnik wrote:



              I do all the IT here too. Nice huh?? I have been building and optimizing PC's for 15 years now.

              I do the same as you on non-solidworks workstations. IT dumps the POS computer to the user and I spend 2 hours configuring it properly.

              Obviously I configure the Solidworks stations with great care.

              Ironically, on the new builds (reformats), I load the machines with all the software before I even load an anti-virus program.


              The only Anti-virus software that I have found not to cause a problem during install is AVG... the rest make you pull your hair out for a day (hopefully not longer) until you remember... "CRAP I forgot to turn off the Antivirus" for added safety I also turn off firewall as I have seen that block file allocation on a few machines.
              • 34. SW2009 is unstable and slower than SW2008
                Adrian Velazquez
                Well Nicole,

                If you're ever on the San Diego Area, I'll definitely be interested in you doing one of those presentations for our IT guys, it's hard to get them to understand that SW is a very demanding software (not that there's something wrong with that).
                • 35. SW2009 is unstable and slower than SW2008
                  Paul Lemke
                  Nicole: COULDN'T AGREE MORE!

                  (Given I used to work for a VAR so I heared lots of horror stories but if people do not optimize their workstations the software just doesn't work correctly.And I mean optimize the station every new release. )

                  It is interesting I rarely have problems and I have never turned of Anti virus! Maybe just lucky.


                  My fx 3700 has been performing admirably and I do have two displays. This is all I can tell you on video.

                  One other thing I have found in upgrading from 2008 to 2009 is that I had rebuild errors turned off in 2008. So I thought everything was golden when I was in 2008. I then open up a bunch in the new 2009 and I get rebuild errors all over the place in 2009. It was because I shut off the feature, unbeknownst to me, in 2008. I believe there was a pop-up dialog that I checked the "don't show me this again" and I didn't ever see it. Then when the settings were loaded new as default in 2009 they started blowing up parts. This is again not solidworks fault by my own user error.

                  It is possible that you are experiencing a settings difference of another kind. It doesn't help that they completely reorganized the folder structure and settings dialogs. Does you 2009 install have root directory solidworks data folders? I noticed these were missing from a single install here that was completely unstable. Solution was to copy the directories from my machine to the other guys and voila no more crashes!

                  • 36. SW2009 is unstable and slower than SW2008
                    Paul Lemke

                    Computers these days are like snow flakes, each and every one can be different. Here is some other reasons two very identical machines can be different:

                    1. different manufacturers, even though you might have the same model different hardware - i.e. quadro fx3700 one can be manufactured by nvidia the other by pny technologies( this can make a huge deal depending on memory chips)

                    2. order of loading software - changes registry entries

                    3. reboot process for loading software - if you don't reboot at the right times any program may not finish install

                    4. driver updates and revision level

                    5. options of software that are loaded or not loaded (did you load edrawings or not?)

                    6. personal user settings : screensavers, desktops options video options, xp luna or classic view options etc.

                    7. personal user programs: AIM, instant mesangers etc.

                    8. virtual memory settings

                    9. hard drive defragmentation errors

                    10. Windows office versions, internet explorer versions

                    11. windows update level and operating service packs

                    12. malware and internet user generated garbage

                    13. stray quark's or neutrinos form outer space in the manufacturing process when the ICs were made. - there is that random mechanical distribution of chips manufacturers

                    This list goes on and on... sometimes I think it is amazing they work at all.
                    • 37. SW2009 is unstable and slower than SW2008
                      Paul Lemke
                      Oh here is one that left off but I believe can create havoc with solidworks. Visual effects the OS adds to every program it is under system properties advanced tab under performance. Stuff like animate windows when minimizing and maximizing, fade outs etc.

                      I also shut off realview and all of the other "fancy" useless stuff in solidworks.
                      • 38. SW2009 is unstable and slower than SW2008
                        Adrian Velazquez

                        I appreciate you trying to school me on computer technology, but I'm well aware of those factors, and is not a legit justification. We are a Large company and we have a IT Department that tackles all the not hardware specific scenarios you listed.

                        We also run AutoCad Mechanical and the Latest Inventor release and we do not have even a quarter of the issues that SolidWorks presents. I myself run other design applications at home and yes SolidWorks has been the most problematic. I prefer SolidWorks of them all, by a mile; and I know were pushing it to the limits but I think you're cutting them to much slack blaming EVERYTHING on hardware.

                        I love SolidWorks don't get my wrong, it pays my bills, but I don't see what's wrong with wanting a product that runs to it's full (advertised) potencial.
                        • 39. SW2009 is unstable and slower than SW2008
                          Paul Lemke
                          I did not blame everything on hardware and I am also not saying that it is perfect and it IS in my experience that most of the problems I have are Hardware and OS related. I don't know about AutoCAD or that many platforms. I have messed around with autoCAD 3d and it was ridiculous compared to Solidworks/Solidedge at the time. I have not seen AutoCAD since release 13 and I know nothing of their Mechanical Desktop. I also know that when I deal with vendors or customers that have other solid modelers they can not do half the stuff I can with solidworks. I do know that Solidworks has been super busy writing me an easier job. We have 6 full time seats and 4 stress analysis (Ansys) people and it IS performing the best I have seen in 6 versions. This is not even looking at all the great features they added.

                          I'll quote Nicole :"And I mean optimize the station every new release. "

                          As you didn't ask specific questions I can only think that you want to rant and not necessarily solve problems. There are other people out their that have fully working systems ranting is not going to fix them. I was listing errors that I have encountered with Hardware. If you don't want to listen don't post I can spend my time with others.
                          • 40. SW2009 is unstable and slower than SW2008
                            Adrian Velazquez
                            The reason I like to post any issue that we come across (or RANT) is to document the problems for people who use the forums for research when the desicion to make the upgrade comes.

                            I sure hope that all this problems (Hardware related or SolidWorks Related) had been posted when I was doing my research on SW09 stability. We started having problems and our VAR told us that our problems were isolated, but as weeks pased are started reading otherwise.

                            We have submited over a dozen SPRs, and I ve answer or confirmed some bug issues on this forum leting the users know they are not alone as they were trying to make us believe at the beggining.

                            If you don't find my posts usefull don't let them concern you, but some migth find relief know that their problems are existing elsewere .
                            • 41. SW2009 is unstable and slower than SW2008
                              Paul Lemke
                              Yeah but that is my point you expect solidworks to solve your problems. You completely skip over the FACT that other people are running x64 and don't have the problems. That others have gotten the software to work. You haven't even defined what your problems are here. You just lump them into a category called "stability issues" and you wonder why they never get addressed? You are not solving the problems your just putting a big label on them and designating them SW problems. Don't you realize that?

                              Your offered "relief" is not real relief it is just sympathy that everything is unsolvable and it leads nowhere. I know what real relief is. It is solving a problem that used to be a major pain, it most certainly is NOT sympathy that leads to sitting in a mud puddle and claiming the world is all dirty.

                              I am glad SW doesn't pay attention to the whining otherwise they wouldn't be able to provide me with such GREAT upgrades. As for those pitiful souls that listen to your non-objective "stability issues" and come to the conclusion that they shouldn't upgrade, they deserve what they get as well... A frickin headache.

                              • 42. SW2009 is unstable and slower than SW2008
                                Chris Dolejska

                                Anna Wood wrote:


                                Windows XP x64 is an orphan OS for Windows. For x64 bit Windows Vista is the better choice.

                                Do me a favor go to this link and down load the file and run a Ctrl-Q rebuild on the file with Verification On Rebuild turned OFF. Go to Feature Statistics and report how long it took to do the rebuild. The fastest computers will do this in 80-60 seconds. I would expect your workstation to run in the 150-160 second range.

                                Thanks for the benchmark link. I came in at 83.7 sec with the orphan OS . Not bad for a $1640.00 homebuilt(Jan '08). There's plenty of people that spent way more and went slower.

                                I'm going to have to side with Paul on the performance issues. I'm not having any more problems than with 2008. SW is the best value in it's price range. Sure it's not perfect but what software in this power / price range is? A couple random crashes a day is just a beauty mark.

                                Maybe the bottom line consensus of this thread is, don't expect performance increases if you don't upgrade the hardware when you upgrade the software.
                                • 43. SW2009 is unstable and slower than SW2008
                                  Dan Tegman
                                  Hello every one!

                                  You can tell by my post count that I'm new here but have been lurking and learning for quite some time, but now I need your help.

                                  In 2006 I bought my first seat of SolidWorks and a new Dell work station which I have been very happy with both products and have no intention to change to a different CAD program.

                                  But since I upgraded to SW2009 WOW have I had issues. Crashing, freezing, unrecognizable thumbnails, etc. I never had any issues with SW2007 or 08. which leads me to think it might be time to pump up my computer.

                                  I did the rebuild test that Anna suggests and if people are really rebuilding in 60-80 seconds I'm doomed, mine took 274.63 sec.!

                                  Not being very savvy on what makes a computer work or perform correctly I did my best to show you what I have and maybe someone could give me some advice.

                                  Dell Precision PWS380
                                  Intel Pentium (R) 4, CPU 3.00ghz (2993mhz)
                                  MS XP Pro, sp3, ver:2002
                                  Ram: 2.00 GB
                                  Directx ver: 9.00

                                  Graphics card: Quadro FX1400
                                  Forceware ver:162.65
                                  Mem: 128mb
                                  Video bios ver:
                                  IRQ: 16
                                  Bus: PCI express x16

                                  Now just so you know, none the information about my computer means anything to me, I'm a fabricator/machinist so that's why I need your help.

                                  My VAR sent me the video driver thinking that was the problem but also said " I don't know if it's the right one" so I'm now totally lost.

                                  Can anyone help?

                                  UniqueMetalcraft inc.
                                  • 44. SW2009 is unstable and slower than SW2008
                                    I would say your best bet would be a new computer. The pentium 4 processor in your computer is extremly out dated.
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