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Two-part problem with bubble numbers, sheet-metal parts, and BOM properties.

Question asked by Steven Mills on Feb 21, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2017 by Deepak Gupta

I don't remember having this problem before, so I'm hoping it is just a setting. I don't want to re-create this BOM from scratch in an attempt to solve this.


I am putting new sheet-metal parts into an already exsisting drawing and assembly. When I go to the BOM, two entries are now on it, see pic;


The BOM fields are being populated with properties on the part, but as you see, the second entry is mostly blank. I assume that it is being populated with cut-list properties. So that part, I 'solve' by deleting the cut-list entry on the BOM.


This leads to the second part of the problem. I add bubble numbers to these parts in the drawing views, and their numbers are either equal to the cut-list entry on the BOM,  simply become zero if/when I delete the cut list entry from the BOM.


How can I get the BOM to use the part level properties, and accept the bubble numbers on the drawing view?


EDIT: This is an Indented BOM. And switching it to a Top Level or Parts is basically re-creating the BOM.