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State Change on Assembly Causes Drawing File to be Marked as Dirty

Question asked by Jim Sculley on Feb 21, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2017 by Xu Jun

I'm doing some testing with SW2017 SP2 and EPDM 2017 SP2 and noticed some odd behavior.


I have a test part and associated drawing.  Both files are checked in and open in SOLIDWORKS.  Both files have completely clean EPDM task pane statuses (i.e. no files need saving, no files have out of date references).  If I go to the drawing and select the part in the EPDM task pane tree and then perform a state change (on just the part file), the drawing is marked as dirty (pencil icon in EPDM task pane, asterisk in SW window).  My first thought was that the transition had an action that was setting a variable linked to a drawing property, but there are no actions associated with the transition.


If I close the drawing file and reopen it, the pencil icon is gone.


If I have both files open and go to the part file and change the state from there, the drawing is not marked dirty.  If I then go to the drawing and change the state on the part back to where it was originally, the pencil icon returns.


I've repeated this experiment with a variety of files in a variety of different workflows and the behavior is always the same.


If I perform the same test using SOLIDWORKS 2016 SP 2 with EPDM 2017 SP1, the results are different but still wrong.  There is no pencil icon in the EPDM task pane, but the SW window still has the asterisk.


There have been many times in the past when I have seen documents marked dirty that should not be.  I always attributed it to some quirk of the add-ins I have written, but the experiments above don't involve add-ins at all.


Can anyone confirm this behavior?  Better yet, can anyone explain what's happening?