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How to merge two bodies

Question asked by Alex Smith on Feb 22, 2017
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I'm new to the forum. I have been working with solidworks for a while and the information on here has been very helpful. Up until now I have not needed to ask a question (everything i have had a problem with has been covered before) and haven't seen any questions that I would be able to help with (I'm not as experienced as a lot of people on here) 

I would greatly appreciate if someone could help me with this problem.


I have modelled a shaft gaiter and would like to put a flange/tab on it so it can be installed without disassembling the shaft (see attached files).

I have attempted to do this by modelling the boot and tab separately. I then tried combining and intersecting, neither worked.

Is this possible as I have modelled it or is there a better way to model the part?