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Shading Disappearing After Adding Text

Question asked by Jeffrey Viviani on Feb 21, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2017 by Jim Wilkinson

I'm a beginner in Solidworks so forgive me, but I cannot figure this out. Normally when I am making a drawing it is shaded, so different surfaces will appear darker or lighter depending on the way light strikes them. But I keep encountering a problem where once I use the "A" text tool under the sketch menu and insert some form of text, all the shading will go away. If I go into the View menu, "Shading With Edges" is enabled so I am unsure how to fix it. Reopening and trying it on a different computer did not solve the issue. I have a screenshot attached (with the text crossed out in red since it is my name).

Is there any way I can get this part to not be all dark grey and back to normal, because my fillet edges are not even distinguishable like this. Thank you for your help!