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Verdict on SWX2017 SP2.0?

Question asked by Dennis Dohogne on Feb 21, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2017 by Dennis Dohogne

We have downloaded SP2.0 and another engineer here has installed it.  At least for him it has not solved the weird problems we've been seeing with SP1.0 (messages that a file is corrupt only to be able to open it after another attempt, other strange happenings).  I have seen a few comments that SP2.0 solved other folk's problems (some in here How stable is SW 2017? ).


I'm starting this thread specifically to address SP2.0.


Please reply with your answers to the following:

1. What problems were you having with SWX2017 SP0.0-SP1.0?

2. Did SWX2017 SP2.0 solve the problem?


Additionally, did SP2.0 introduce any new problems?


Thanks in advance.