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Problems with solidworks 2017 using 4k resolution

Question asked by Carlos Llivisaca on Feb 21, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2017 by Carlos Llivisaca

hi everybody

I have a computer with the following features TOSHIBA satellite s55t-c5164-4k, Intel (R) Core i7-6500U, NVIDIA GeForce 930M graphics card and the main problem is that when running solidworks 2016 and now SW2017 the operation Is slow when performing a small sketch, even when working with parts in assemblies SW stops working and it closes,Also WHEN I USE RESOLUTION 4K a message appears saying that the memory is insufficient and run the SOLIDWORKS RESOURCE MANAGER but don't say's nothing about the problem, I have no idea how to make this problem be solved, I tried the solutions to download the latest driver from my graphics card but I have not lorado a good performance of that solution, some member of this forum who has experienced this problem and found a solution please help me, all your advice could be of great help.....