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Edit custom property from BOM

Question asked by Ben D. on Feb 20, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2017 by Johnny Higginson
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When I finish the project and release it for manufacturing, I have to export full BOM excel, drawings to pdfs, and some other information (like DXFs etc.). Then the purchase person goes into excel and marks every part/assembly in ways as "ordered", "received", "consumed" etc.

I was wondering if there might be a possibility to control custom properties of files directly from PDM BOM? E.g. having a custom property named "Purchase_state" with dropdown menu for ordered/received/consumed ... This would save me a lot of work. Obviously, some portion of this can be automated by macros (like exporting drawings to pdfs), but I have no idea how to use BOM for direct management of the custom properties of parts (or is there another method?). Of course, every custom property can be changed from Datacard, but going into every part independently makes it unmanagable.

This issue, as I believe, is beyond the purpose and probably possibilities of PDM, aiming more for PLM, but maybe you could suggest something to simplify this? How do you process the lifecycle of your designs after releasing for manufacturing?

Thank you for the ideas

(PS - I simplified the description of my situation quite a bit in order to explain the main problem, but the major goal is the same)