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EPDM: Advice or best practice to manage components technical spec

Question asked by Federico Boldori on Feb 21, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2018 by Ken Maren


we are migrating from 2d design with autocad and a filesystem based archiving to 3d with solidworks and EPDM.


I'm here to ask for a best practice for technical specification management.

For example: we use in our design some cogeneration motors. These motors have the 3D model (basic one...becouse we buy them) that we use only for displacement but they come with a lot a specs, different for every orders. Is virtually impossibile to have to buy 2 motors with the same specs from our supplier.


Now in 2D Autocad we write down on a module in autocad all the different specs. The base module have all the options and we simply delete the ones we don't need.

I would like to implement something more reliable with solidworks EPDM... Any hint for the road to take??


Thank you