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Using Global Equations for fillet & circular paterns

Question asked by Robert Weimer on Feb 20, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2017 by Glenn Schroeder

Hey all,


I'm still new to the Solidworks scene as far as making my models smarter.


I am trying to create a model that produces spur gears given the parameters needed to create them.  I produced a sketch with all of the global equations to create the tooth shape at the proper diameter, and it works and adjusts itself when I update the values in the global equations.  That is easy enough.




I didn't place the tooth base fillets in the sketch and tried to put a separate fillet command with a global equation value entered as the value.  Well it ate it and it worked the first time, but it doesn't register as a global value in the fillet value box, it converts to a numerical value and as such, it is not updateable through a global variable that I have created for it.


I notice the same thing for circular patterns as well, and I suspect that the global variables don't exactly work for all commands, if so, is there a list of commands that will accept global variables, or is it that global variables can only be utilized in sketches?  If so that really sucks, and Solidworks should work on that for 2018 instead of some other things.