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    Pull out analysis in Solidworks ?

    Hani Rousta


      I have a fibre cement panel with 4 aluminium custom design hooks which are cast inside the panel .

      I need to see what will happen when I pull out the hooks .

      Will it break the fibre cement panel or not ?

      I created my model with assembly of hooks inside the panel ,all the faces are touching .

      I had to create a custom material for fibre cement collecting information from Internet .

      I do have the results but I am not sure if this is accurate .

      I appreciate a expert advise

      Thank you

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          Ryan Dark

          Hi Hani,

          I took a look at your study setup and there are a few things that you may want to look at.  Foremost, in your analysis the way it is presently setup, you don't need to analyze all 4 hooks.  It would be sufficient to analyze just one of the hooks which should greatly speed up solve time.


          Next, it appears you have bonded the hook inside its cavity in the concrete.  This may be realistic but if the concrete makes an imperfect bond to the hook it may be better to analyze this situation with the hook set in No Penetration to the concrete.  In this way the -Z side of the hook is allowed to lift off the corresponding concrete.  It is a more conservative estimate of your pull analysis.


          Lastly, I moved the fixture away from the back of the concrete so as to not disturb the results in the immediate vicinity of the hook.  You wouldn't want the fixture to be as close to the volumes of interest.


          With all that being said, you would probably also want to run convergence tests (run duplicate studies with smaller and smaller element sizes) to see if your results have reached the solution for your boundary.  Once you have done that, you will be able to say whether the concrete or the hook is failing (or not).


          I've attached a modified file set with the setup in it as I described above.

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            Martin Luth

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