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Updating Composer Files with Large Solidworks Assembly Files

Question asked by Zac Thynne on Feb 20, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2017 by Zac Thynne

I am having issues trying to update a Composer file created from a Solidworks Assembly file. This file is the fully assembled unit I am disassembling to create step-by-step slides on how it is put together from scratch. At times, some parts are update and/or added to the Soliworks main file. I have to update the composer file to put these new changes into affect. However....


Some of the parts are exploded either manually through the use of actor select and translate. I do not use any of the commands that can exploded an assembly for me. Once I have all the parts in place, added notes, callouts, leader lines (as they are called) I begin the update process. But the outcome is not good. The new parts are added but the parts I explode return to their previous or restored state. All the notes, callouts, etc are compacted together or scrambled all over the slide. I have to go through and redo all the slides again. Very frustrating.


How do I keep the parts I have exploded from returning to their restored state when I update the composer file.


Thanks in advance.