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Square lofted cut, from curve, into a helix. Airsoft-gun magazine

Question asked by Pasi Reina on Feb 18, 2017

Backstory. Skip if you want:


Ok, to understand a bit what this is and why it is what it is, is down to the "original" magazine these use. This is a "helical" drum magazine for an airsoft-shotgun. Such guns have always used a "shell look-a-like" magazine housing 30 BBs. The gun itself fires 3 BBs at a time, new models 6. Couple of makers have made adapters to mount AR15 magazines for these and while they work, they look plain horrid and are not every robust. Modern video-game generation needs more ammo!


My plan. A compact, but larger capacity alternative that looks "decent" but wont even try to look realistic. The "shell" continues down into a drum that houses far more BBs in a helical design.
Reception has been LOTS of "shut up and take my money" -memes. Theres a production model being tested at the moment but i just had an idea too crazy not to try... But it turns out its not as easy as it seems to model it.


There is a very high probability this will not actually work with actual springs and BBs. BUT! Its just too crazy idea not to try and what if it actually did work!?


To the actual point:


There is the obvious veins for the BBs modeled into the drum. I then had a brainfart and thought "what if it could narrow down the vein and do another set of laps INSIDE the magazine for MOAR AMMOZ!!!!1" and went to drawing it. Drawing the original BB-veins was quite easy but this one seems to be harder.


I have the curve drawn on a sligthly tilted plane, not perfect but good enough. I then drew a helix of aproximate size, converted both the curve and the helix into a 3D-sketch and went to make a lofted cut... Thats where the problems arise. The lofted cut twists into a wierd spin and wont stay normal to the original square-sketch.

EDIT: in short, i want to make similar looking veins on the inside as i have on the outside. Its just that i seem to be very bad at it.



The BB-vein needs be square as the BB-follower that pushes the BBs out is part square. If it were round, it would come out the magazine.
Several "issues" still remain with magazine. Will be fixed later.
This is for a TOY gun. Gun-controll is good, use both hands.