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use knit suface as face normal in curve driven pattern

Question asked by Nico Zuber on Feb 18, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2017 by Nico Zuber

Im working on a school project of mine, where I want to create a Boardgame using a 3D landscape.


I was able to create the 3D Landscape, but now I want to cut holes for leds to go into, along a curve on the surface.

I got that working, sort of, I am able to cut the holes through the part, along the curve, but I also want the holes to be tangent to the 3D surface, they lie on.

If I try to select the Face normal in the curve driven pattern feauture (which is used for that exact puropse, as far as I understand), I cannot select the knitted surface, I used to draw the 3D spline on.


I really hope someone is able to help me with this problem.

Thanks allerady!


totally forgot to add the part file...