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Hi there, need help with surfaces thicken and step files, any input is much appreciated

Question asked by Jonathan Wills on Feb 18, 2017

Hello fellow solidworkers, I have actually two problems that I need help with and they involve surfaces.


So for the first question, I modelled a mouse in solidworks using surfaces. Although I repeatedly run into rebuild errors such as failed to offset.

I'm trying to apply the thickness modifier to multiple surfaces that have been knitted into one surface however in the first picture I provided, circled in red,

you can see sort of hard or sharp edges/ridges. I have also tried to just separate the surfaces, although I came up with different issues of surfaces thickening into the other thickened surfaces. I know there might be trimming involved with every surface being thickened on its own. I was really hoping someone could help me understand what it is I can do after knitting the surfaces together to get one smoothly thickened part.


lofted surface 27.png

Sectioned in half and viewing orthographically


lofted surface 26.png

Sectioned in half viewing from side (kinda)


lofted surface 25.png

Sectioned in half with surfaces not knitted then thickened

lofted surface 24.png

lofted surface 23.png

Mouse Sectioned by front plane shows the surface thicknesses going into another thickened surface





The next pictures are kind of after a similar problem I'm having with another part. I have a model that was imported as an .stp and so I've been converting edges in 3D sketch and forming lofted surfaces and later knitting them and finally thickening again. However my issues usually arise at areas where some of the loops are a bit wonky. This corner is one surface of the example and whenever I try to thicken it I just get a weird result and cannot thicken. The corner was likely filleted and thats why I have some weird edge loops kind of going on there. I'm wondering if someone might have some suggestions to fix this, and maybe some extra advice on dealing with other peoples .stp files when there's only surface data.?


lofted surface.png


lofted surface 2.png

fig 2


Thanks alot in advance I really appreciate any help I can get. Thanks!