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    Visualize does not suck

    Mukesh Prasad

      I don't know why after importing my model from SolidWorks using the Export Advanced option to Visualize my appearance is different.

      Take a look at the model in SW and Visualize after importing and you will see. The top image is SW and I don't know why after importing the appearance changes.



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          Brian Hillner



          That part's appearance is indeed black, it's just reflecting the light gray bottom half of the active HDR. So in essence it's a lot more photorealistic than what you see in SW, since that is the ultimate goal of 3D visualization and, of course, Visualize.


          You'll find Visualize is much smarter and easier than you think


          So you have 2 choices, which both a very easy:


          1) Enable the orange Appearance selection mode to select that specific Appearance. Go over to the Appearances Tab in the Palette and make sure the color of the appearance is 100% black. Then you can adjust a couple other settings, based of the Appearance Type, to make it more black (less reflective). Select the Appearance Type that most resembles what this part would be made of in the real world. 'Plastic' should give you the look you're after, and you can adjust the 'Highlight Color' to slightly darker as well:

          If it's a Paint, then reduce the 'Clearcoat.'

          If you really want it to be black as night without any reflection or value shift, then choose the Appearance Type 'Matte.'



          2) Keep the Appearances as they are, but select another HDR.


          Have you watched the 16 Visualize tutorials on MySolidWorks to help you along the way? Here is the link:

          SOLIDWORKS Visualize | MySolidWorks Training