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    Using EPDM as a contractor

    Matt K

      If a company has all their files in their EPDM vault, and you want to work for them on site, can you have your own license for EPDM (Editor) on your own laptop, go to their office and join their network and access files in their vault, and work as normally as anyone else there would?

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          Steve Ostrovsky

          If you can access their server via IP Address and Ports then you can connect to their vault. You will have to create a Vault View and typically your computer would have to be on their network. This means you'll have to work with their IT so they allow your computer to join their network. It's a fairly easy thing to do, but few ITs will allow outside computers to join networks. I've seen them allow VPN access before allowing a foreign computer.

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            Jeff Sweeney

            Yeah, but you would still be using their license, not yours. Only one license server per vault.

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              S. Casale

              You do not need to share the network license the company you contract for has. As long as you have a license for SW and EPDM. You do need to have the PDM admin set up your permissions to be able to do as you need to with the files in the vault.


              If the company has network based licenses for SW and PDM and If you do not have your own license for SW and EPDM you should be able to borrow a SW license. For PDM you can also use their network license which can be controlled by the Wibndows program manager "change" feature.


              FYI every subscription network license an organization has there is a standalone license that is offered. These are different serial numbers entirely. They are based on the quantity of network licenses, 1:1.

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                  Michael Woerther

                  Scott, in terms of SolidWorks CAD you are absolutely correct.
                  But the PDM licensing is slightly different: The PDM client directly logs into the vault and then the vault contacts the assigned SNL server and gets the license from it. And as Jeff wrote, a PDM vault can only have one license server assigned (that is done in the PDM administration tool) . So if you want to work in the vault of your customer (as a contractor), it is not possible to use your SNL license server with your own PDM serial.
                  That is why I thought of temporarily transferring the license - if allowed by the license agreement...

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                  Matt K

                  Thanks everyone for your inputs.  So it sounds like... if Company X is using all thier EPDM licenses, another contractor cannot come in with their own EPDM license and work on that company X's vault.


                  So Company X would have to have enough licenses to allow any contractors to work on their system alongside their regular employees.

                  And the contractor's EPDM license is only really for managing his own EPDM vault on his own system.


                  Is that correct?