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2017 sp2.0, print quality is TERRIBLE

Question asked by Elise Lavigne on Feb 17, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2017 by Andy Sanders

Why? Why, why, why, WHYYYYYYYY does SW not have decent print capabilities?!?!?


I just installed SP2.0 and I have to roll back to 1.0.  ALL OF MY HIDDEN LINES are now thick black, and the dash is like half a millimeter, you can't even tell its dashed without a magnifying glass!!  The print settings were bad enough before.


And WHY are greyscale and colour not two separate options.  IT DEFEATS THE PURPOSE OF EVEN HAVING A GREYSCALE OPTION!!


I'm so frustrated.  Does anyone have a clear tutorial on the print settings?  SW never gives a description of the what settings do in their "help" pages.