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Painfully slow assemblies

Question asked by Matt Mengel on Dec 2, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2008 by Matt Mengel
Most of my parts are simple, no lofts etc... I am working with an assembly of ~100 parts. Set to lightweight, large assembly mode. Zooming takes forever, selection takes forever, I'm waiting on the machine and having a hard time getting any progress made. I have no problem with indiviual parts. A few imported models. I also get a crash about once a day without warning. I am assuming this is a system problem but I'm open to any suggestions. I'm not an IT guy.
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Intel Pent 4
5.93GB ram
Quadro FX3700 512ram

Windows XP pro x64 sp2

SW Office Premium 2008 x64 SP5.0