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Custom Revision table - fixed in title block

Question asked by Rory Mulligan on Feb 16, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2017 by Dan Pihlaja

Hi guys, my company uses manual data entry for our drawings.

The title block evolved from an AutoCAD template, and I would like to automate some of the data entry by using the custom properties tab.

I don't have PDM, so I know I'm losing some of solidworks' built in functionality.


We have a revision table built into our title block, again all manual entries.

I'd like to incorporate the Solidworks revision table and have a couple questions about doing so.


1. Can the table be setup with 5 blank rows?


2. I know the latest revision operates the Revision property, and can therefore be used to control the drawing Rev.

If I have fixed rows, will this function be lost?

I created a table with 5 rows and deleted all the Rev numbers.

The property seems to keep the value of the last row that was created, even if it was deleted.


3. Can the revision table be inverted with the headings at the bottom?


4.If I need to add 6 revisions, can I insert a new row and hide the first row?


5. Can the description and the names be added from a custom property drop down list?