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    Round profile correct stress and tube wrong stress

    Justin Wolterinck



      I am using solidworks simulation to validiate my calculations.

      Material: S235

      Force: 4558,58N

      Position of the force: Exactly in the middle

      The deformation in Y and the normal stress in Z.

      1 side fixed and one side as a roller


      When I use an round profile of ø26.7mm L=384 the values are correct.

      Deformation round profile


      As you can see, sw has 1.035 and my own calculation 1.026 so this is correct.

      Stress round profile

      sw 229,5 and my own 234,189 so this is correct too.

      Deformation round tube

      Now i use the exact same file and change the profile to ø33,4 x 2,65 L=384 Material: S235

      I will start with the max deformation calculation:

      Sw 0.829 and my own 0.82 so you should thing this is correct too.


      And now my problem:

      Normal stress round tube

      I can't find the reason why this is happening because i am doing exactly the same as the ø26.7 profile.

      I am using SW 2013 but also tried it on sw 2016 and ANSYS and all the progrems are giving me the same value.


      Why can't a simulation program calculate this or what am i doing wrong? If someone wants more info, please tell me.