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Quantity in bill of material: Assembly with mixed parts (singles parts and weldments)

Question asked by Alexssander Tecchio on Feb 16, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2017 by Samir Panchal

Hi there!

I created a big assembly using single parts and many weldments parts. But, when I put the bill of material of this assembly, its doesn't show me the correct quantity of the weldment's single parts.


Take a look in the example below:


Firstly: I created a weldment part with three roud bars and one plate


Weldment part.PNG


Secondly: I created one assembly putting three same weldment part:


Assembly example.PNG



In the end I created one drawing and put the bill of materials:




Look the quantity!!!


Insted 1 on the item 1.1 the bill of materials must show me 3 plates and not only one. The same happens with the item 1.2, instead 5 its must show me 15 bars. I mean the total of the single parts.


Someone know how can I put the correct quantity of the individual parts, from weldment part, in the assembly's bill of material?

Kindest regards.