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Change In Behavior of Data Cards in EPDM 2017

Question asked by Jim Sculley on Feb 16, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2017 by Richard Bremmer

Since updating our EPDM install to 2017, I have noticed two changes in behavior with respect to data cards that appear to be bugs.


1.  When saving a new file into the vault, the data card is displayed but does not respect the SOLIDWORKS PDM Add-in option "Activate the Custom properties (@) page by default".  I have the checkbox for that option selected but when a file is saved, the data card that is displayed is not always the @ tab.  The tab that is displayed seems to depend on what tab was displayed the last time a data card was displayed.  If the current model has a tab name that is the same as the tab name displayed previously, that tab will be selected on saving.  For example, say I have a part file A.sldprt with a configurations named ONE and TWO.  I create a new file and add configurations to it named TWO and THREE.  I open A.sldprt, display its data card, select the tab for configuration TWO and then click 'Cancel'.  Next I save my new file.  The data card that is displayed will have tab TWO selected.  If I do the same experiment, but select configuration ONE when displaying the card for A.sldprt, when I save the new file, the displayed data card will have the @ tab selected because there is no matching configuration ONE.


2.  Default values in data cards are no defaulting.  We have a drop down list with a Default Value set to 'Specify value' and the specified text does no show up when the data card is shown.


Has anyone else seen this and if so do you know if there are associated SPRs?