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    scan to 3d

    vineet kumar sharma
      I wanna do in scan to 3d but scan to 3d toolbar is not highlighted when I import any "stl" file.
      I dont know wheather problem with software or "stl" file.
      Though we have Solidworks Professional but We subscribed for Premium for one month.
      Let me know where I am wrong please.

        • scan to 3d
          Deepak Gupta

          Check in Add-Ins if you have the option of Scan to 3d.
            • scan to 3d
              vineet kumar sharma
              I've scan to 3d in add ins.
              and y'day i worked on some scaned file what we got last year.
              I found these file in "stl" format.
              and i've no idea wheather it was the first generated from scanner or took some further steps.
              last draftman left the company.
              i dont have any contact with him.
              but upto i know he imported that stl file in rhino to get line mesh.
              and then used this mesh file as a reference to get surface in SW.
              but it was not precise method.
              i reckon for SW after working scan to 3d y'day.
              but i coulden't achieve good quality.
              was it due to poor quality of scanner or limitation of SW.